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What is Prophetic Evangelism?

What’s the difference between prophetic evangelism and evangelism?

All evangelism is performance based… It means that evangelism is a vehicle which a message is carried so all evangelism in itself is a performance, we perform that message, we carry that message to release it. The wonderful thing about evangelism is there’s many areas and many different ways that we can carry that message.

We have healing evangelist, we have teacher evangelist, we have evangelist that go and meet the needs of the people by providing food and aid, we also have the prophetic evangelist. And ultimately what we mainly see when we think of evangelist is the teacher evangelist, most evangelist that we would see out on our marketplace are those who teach and we call that a teacher evangelist they would teach the narrative of the cross.

The difference between prophetic evangelism and normal evangelism is that normal evangelism on its own requires our performance, it requires the message be delivered in our own understanding and our own works, it’s the capacity that were able to do. Prophetic evangelism works differently, it requires what God can put in and pour out. When we’re talking about prophetic evangelist the performance is still needed we still need to pick the delivery system in how were going to do it. For myself I use BMX, I can go into skate parks and I can roll around in the skate park and I have the opportunity to tell people about Jesus that way, His name is written on my bike.

What God is ultimately looking for me to do is to make that evangelism prophetic it means I include God in that evangelism, I include His word within that style that I chose to take. This is where prophecy comes in to its own. When I’m operating in prophetic evangelism what I’m doing is even though I’m providing the performance, even though I’m providing the vessel for the person to be able to meet the word that I’m carrying, being prophetic is I’m allowing a FRESH word of God to come out and to meet that person in that moment or the circumstance in that moment. There’s nothing more powerful than a prophetic word from God.

When a person hears God speak to them that is everything they have been looking for. If you have God telling you who you are, that He knows you and that everything’s going to be okay and He’s got a plan for your circumstance and an outcome then you start to be happy, it stats to change you in such an amazing and wonderful way. I see that so often with prophets that are in the church on the platform when they give prophesy we see often that the person is receiving the word because it speaks to their heart and their known by God, it’s like the weight of the world is lifted off them. The fullness of who God says they are starts to press down on them and they find themselves birth in a new hope that life shall go well for them because God is declaring their life for them, God is saying I know you and I fashioned you and I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

Prophetic evangelism is very personal, very relational, it takes evangelism of being just a recitation of what Jesus’ has done into encountering people with an upfront personal encounter with the giveness of God, the mercy of God, the witness of God in a heartbeat they know that their known by God. They know that this forgiveness, this Jesus that were talking about not only can be the hope for them but they would have a complete transformation and they would have a hope for their future but He’s tangible and He’s real and He has spoken to them in that moment.

When we prophetically speak to somebody in evangelism that person encounters God, that person gets met by God, God comes to them, God meets them even in their current circumstances and their current circumstances could be a horrible one, they could see in their own eyes that they have no reason for God to like them or so love them but yet here He is speaking to them, things about them that the person praying for them could not possibly know and God is affirming them in his word, He’s affirming them in His love for them.

See, prophetic evangelism is the way forward it is the way the church was always supposed to be promoted to evangelize this is why when we look back to the book of Acts we see that God sends His Holy Spirit and it was before the disciples was sent out to do the work that God had planned for them, it was as if they couldn’t go out without the dwelling of the Holy Spirit. Why? Because if they didn’t have the Holy Spirit come they would only be working on a past revelation, they would only be performing that which they know about rather that which they need to know about, that which is not yet been seen, not yet been known and not yet been done.

Jeremiah 33:3 “If you ask me I will tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know. I will cause you to phantom the heights of Heaven that I have been a witness down into the earth.”

It is for us to realize that the sending of the baptism of Holy Spirit actually causes the message we carry, our evangelism to be fruitful. It causes our evangelism to befall the witness of the evangelist which is the spirit of God. The spirit of prophecy is the spirit of God, the moment we become a prophetic evangelist we are saying that we are operating by the spirit of God, yes I come and I stand and I perform, I bring the measure and the capacity, the avenue or the postal service system that I’m about to bring this fresh word. That’s my accountability and my responsibility but the responsibility for the real word of God, the fashioning of God, the giveness of God is on the Holy Spirit, that’s His responsibility. It’s not what I can pour out but what He pours out.

That is the true value of the prophetic evangelist. A prophetic evangelist isn’t interested in how well he’s performed, he’s interested in how well the relationship he has with Jesus has been poured out for another person too.

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