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We must have water to master

When a person sets out across a desert, they must prepare and above all they must take water.

Imangine that you have been walking in the desert for days and your water has run dry, but suddenly off in the distance you can see a Well appear on the horisen, your worry and dispair instanly turns to joy and hope as you press on to obtain the proimse of water you can find within the well. however on arriaval at the well you find it is deep but it has no bucket, no means to draw up the water contained within it.

If you were in this sistuation what would you do?

I belive the person would have had to wait in hope for someone who is using the well often and knows to bring a bucket to draw up the water and when you ask please give me a drink they shall draw it for you.

Drawing Water is hard work, today we have really lost the value of what it takes to draw water and be ready to have it when we require it. this is because water is plummed into every home even in parks and public places at a twist of a tap the water flows.

However if you can imagine the waterwells of Jesus time, the woman would go daily to them, often walking great distances outside the city walls and dwelling places of peoples homes. it was impreataive that the woman went to the wells daily to get water for their daily living they fetched and carried water not just forthemselves but for the whole family animals and cleaning also.

You can get the idea that when you work for a resoure so hard you learn to not take it for granted and you respect it more, water clearly in Jesus day is valuble, i wonder if people even sold it to save others the hard work of getting it? i am sure they did.

The question is how much water are we willing to carry back for others and how much water are we prepared to carry to get to a new destination, if we have not water the desert will work against us and have master over us, but if we have water in the plenty and to the ready we can became the masters of our deserts.

Metaphaor of Water..

How much of the Holy Spirit are you drinking? do you have the cistren to draw up the Holy Spirit from deep within your being? are you ready to see your deasert place is within your thinking?

by the renewing of the mind we are tranzformed. If the body needs water then thev Soul needs Spirit.


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