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We can still declare with boldness Jesus in the workplace.

Prophetic Evangelism opens doors and breaks down cultural barriers in a way that no other evangelism can do when it comes to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In the winter of 2018 the Holy Spirit spoke with me at Christmas, saying that i needed to fill out a job application for Decathalon a sports department that is located on the high street.

I did as asked even thou their were not any Jobs available at the time.

After the holiday season had passed i was contacted for a Job interview.

However the Lord had given me instructions that i was to tell them i could only work for them up till June as the Lord was sending me overseas but he had not yet revealed the location.

When i had the interview i told my interviewer that i was a prophetic evangelist and the prophetic evangelism was my main function and the reason why i came for this job was because the Lord told me to do so and that i was to save the money to travel overseas in June to somewhere the Lord was sending me to share the Gospel.

They were impressed with me as I demonstrated what prophetic evangelism actually was and i got the Job.

I used theses next six months at Decathalon to demonstrate that the name of Jesus was very much needed on the shop floor and as people were healed and people overwhelmed by Gods Love through prophesy people began to meet Jesus and encounter salvation. Even more so every one of my colleges were constantly asking has Jesus told you where you are going yet in June?

Muslims got excited at the move of the Holy Spirit who was so tangible on the sales floor as i prayed for people and Jesus healed them . It tuned out my location was Israel.

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