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Home of Prophetic Establishment

Naos Nation H.O.P.E

Become the prophetic hope witnessed in your nation.


Join our Home Of  Prophetic Establishment


We offer onsite and online community to promote a prophetic lifestyle fashioned within the perfection of hope alive and at work with us who are pressing on every word of Jesus.


Training and Equipping


Our courses are designed to inspire, equip and activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit firstly within our national prophetic hope in regards to Gods nation and then through individual hope taken hold of concerning every ones part to live out within the apostolic missions into the nations.


Naos Nation tribe believe that we as Gods witnesses can not continue to evangelize without the witness of the Holy Spirit through the gift prophetic demonstration including signs wonders and miracles.


We believe that our HOPE as Jesus witnesses must always be fashioned in Gods voice, his spoken promises for us to live life as his intended righteous nation advancing and taking the land and people for salvation in Jesus name.

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